Thursday, March 5, 2009

The things that keep me going...

Doug gave me the lovely suggestion of posting my weekly "Wednesday WTF's" and the "FPQ's" (Friday Pop Quiz's). What are those you ask? These are one of the few things that keep half of Pub Int. still making the trek out to the 'burbs to publish terrible books. There is an email list of what I'd like to classify as "the people with a sense of humor/souls" that get these weekly emails that usually include an amazingly awesome pic from who knows where and all of us do our best to respond with a caption or comment. I'm not as witty as the other people I work with, especially those writers in Editorial. I think they have an unfair advantage! So here is the first of probably many- Last weeks FPQ: 
and one of the many responses: 

Clearly, Dad enjoys this a lot more than his kids.
Dad: "Slooooow Ride! Take it EEEEE-zay! That car just MOVED!!! HAhahAHahA!!!"
Daughter: "Is Dad high again?"
Son: "Yup."


Doug said...

I've already left my caption idea on the Facebook version, but I'd like to point out something about this:

This a game, for kids, based on a song about "slow ridin' your woman so fine."
And in order to avoid the necessary conclusion that they just took a song about sex and turned it into a children's game, they absurdly literalized the song.
According to one website: "In 'Slow Ride,' two players faced off in an anti-drag race; whichever player finished the race in the worst time was the 'Slow Rider' and won the game."
That sounds like an AWESOME game. Just like in real-life anti-drag racing, players find out who will win and who will succumb first to crippling boredom.

meghan said...

I also like that the game is available at "Tape Barn."

burke said...

awesome game... and whats a tape barn? Am I too young for this?