Friday, March 13, 2009

FPQ 3/13 (from work)

Instead of a caption, this friday it was a haiku challenge!  
Some of the responses:
Get down, foul lions,
you soil my jumpsuit with blood!
You won't? Then taste blade!

King of the jungle?
Ha! Fools, you just got served by
Kraven the Hunter!

I do not always
drink beer. But when I do, I
*cough* choose Dos Equis.

Roy said he left me
for Siegfried because of my
"rage problem." BITCH, PLEASE.

Mexican Elvis!
Beware of his wrath and knives.
Lions will weep blood.

See this lush chest hair
Lion blood and aloe plant
Use my secret well

1 comment:

Doug said...

Those lucky lions!
My manstache hurts much worse than
A knife ever could

Lions in my town?
I tell your lioness to
Make me a sandwich