Monday, March 9, 2009

Last week's FPQ:

I wasn't at work on friday, but here was the FPQ that was sent out: 
This image: 
that asked "Question: What is this album's #1 hit single?"
Some of the responses: 
"The answer is "There's a Hole in My Heart that Can Only Be Filled By Uke," clearly. "

"Angel Fasettos and Dinky Riffs (For Tiny Tim)"
and the b-side:
"I Can Do It Halfway (Walkin' On Water is Tough for Smarmy Jesus)"

1. Ukean't Touch This
2. Roll Down the Window (I Gotta Uke)

"I got my first real four-string/
Bought it at the dollar store/
Photoshopped some hearts and stuff/
Was the summer of 2004"
Your response:_____________

1 comment:

Doug said...

"Rough Uker's Anthem"

"Stop, drop, make a uke out' a lunchbox /
Oh, no, that's how Rough Uker's roll"