Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I saw an ad in the reader for a design contest for the Chicago Public Library. The ad itself was awesome so I looked into it. Its a poster design that would also be a tee. 18 x24 that just has to incorporate the "chi pub lib . org" in it- to promote their website. I think it's definitely worth putting some effort into because its being judged by Jay Ryan of The Bird Machine (awesome), and it would be throughout chicago if chosen. I have a design of the type I started, pretty much the usual stacked different hand drawn fonts I doodle, but I want the side to have a library-themed design. So I worked on this little diddy below (Sorry at work and cant scan in so my phone camera will have to suffice):
They wanted to emphasize books, music, movies, downloads, performances, etc., ya know everything the libary can give ya. So this is what I have so far. I imagine this set next to my *hopefully* sweet type but left white and the background designed. Thoughts? Anything else that you can get/do at a library (that's not something ancient like those old blue screens that were used to view old newspapers, what where they called) that I'm missing?

(And the general idea for the type, just the IDEA): 

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