Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I found this website of this designer who makes really sweet typographic carpets out of felt. They're awesome and I want to make my own, whether it be a carpet or just letters on the wall. Im thinking since I've been drawing "Yes, No, Maybe" so much that might work... possibly?

I promised...

...that I'd scan in some doodles. Here. (my scanner kinda sucks it killed the color)


I've been kinda obsessed with drawing octopi lately. The red one is the messy one, but here's two so far. 

& vs. &

Ok, some of you know I have a thing for ampersands, and lately I haven't been able to figure out which version I like the best. Im working on a couple different ideas that involve them, so just a poll, which do you like the best?
Option 1: The "italic" ampersand, solid, outlined, or colored and bordered.
Option 2: Another "italic" ampersand, Solid, or outlined.
Option 3: Traditional Ampersand "fancy" outline, solid, or simple outlined. 

Because I always forget to scan these in...

I have a notebook I bring to work and the back is filled with these scrap pieces of paper with doodles on them. I have so many and I keep forgetting to scan them in to put on this 'lil blog. So here's a quick preview. I will remember to scan in a few of these so you can see some detail, maybe. Until then, hope this little photo suffices.

[...and don't read too much into these notes, its usually song lyrics and stuff on my mind, don't judge :) , and I obviously had one phrase stuck in my head a few days in a row, guess which it is?]

There must be an abercrombie store near... I can smell "Fierce"

I had to post this. Below is Doug's description of his interview he had with Abercromie and Fitch for some lawyerly type position. I wished him luck, for the sake of getting a good job...and the fact that they MAKE their employees wear Abercrombie dress shirts in their corporate offices in Columbus. Bahahaha. Just picture this under a dress jacket: 
"So, I just had to recap my trip to Abercrombie headquarters today. WOW. First of all, the place is like a massive compound kind of out in the woods, and it looks roughly like what it would like like if Crate and Barrel built a fishing village with warehouses. Swedish design, shit like random woodpiles laying around, fire pits (that have been used recently!), etc.
The next thing you notice is that everyone is just wandering around aimlessly, obviously dressed head to toe in Abercrombie gear. It was surreal; like you've just joined a religious cult based on the teachings of Ikea and everyone's about to drink the Kool Aid straight out of a douche bag.
So I'm approaching the front entrance and I'm still a solid 200 feet from the door when, you guessed I always assumed that the stores stunk of cologne because employees were instructed to spray it all over the store or something, but it was pretty clear that in this case it was literally being pumped through the air vents.
If that wasn't bad enough, while my brain is still trying to grapple with the fact that I'm interviewing with a company that pumps cologne directly into the office where attorneys work, I hear "Da daadaadaa Da daadaadaa EVERYBODY DANCE NOW"
They were playing C+C Music Factory, they were playing it non-ironically, and they were playing it loud.
I stopped right in the middle of the tree-and-accent-lighted path and laughed uncontrollably while sad, middle-aged professional women dressed in hoodies and distressed jeans looked on. It really made my day."
Hahaha. I love it, but in reality, Good job and good luck Doug! 

Friday, February 20, 2009

Johnnie Cluney

I have a new favorite illustrator: Johnnie Cluney. I found his really simple marker drawings from the website The site features live music sessions with upcoming bands and articles about them. Cluney illustrates a  picture to go along with every artists. Thanks to little bro for sending me this site, good stuff indeed. 
Next project... perhaps a YMC illustration in the style of Cluney?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chairs pt. 2

I made the lawn chairs into a poster for my friends. Gosh I love these chairs.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Part 1

I've been having a weird fascination with old lawn chairs lately. This is the start of possibly a poster or just a pretty art print. (By the way I'm really bad with shadows...I'll fix those don't worry)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Moving onto the next holiday...

So as I was looking for t-shirt screenprinting places here in chicago for Katie, I stumbled upon a terrible tshirt website that has a contest for making a good St. Patrick's day tshirt. Seeing how this website has horrible tshirts, I thought I should enter... because I WILL WIN! So below is my design that would go on a tee. Like?
And this is the horrible tshirt website: 
Now I just need to incorporate the city of chicago into my design... that may just mean I write "Happy St. Pats Chicago". For a prize of $100 that's about how much effort I think I can put into this already time consuming tshirt. 

Thursday, February 12, 2009


The saddest piece of clipart ever

While searching for images of "blonde hair" i found....this:
I mean.....what? haha.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

or all three!

wouldn't you love to send all THREE out to your sig. other?

Valentine #3

well do you think this one is ...goood enoughhh...goood enoughh foor meee Aye yai yai yai yaiii? Haha.

I amaze myself sometimes ... Valentine #2

Available for email to that special someone, straight from Lionel. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

EY Flip Cup Tourney

Updated version: ....>
(older version:)
Apparently accountants like to have a good time too. My roommate works at E&Y as a financial consultant and she is particpating in an unofficial inner office flip cup tournement. She asked me to make a t-shirt design for just her BAS (Business Advisory Services...yea I had no idea what that meant) department and this is what I came up with for now. I just made some screenshots of my ideas so she can email them out to her co-workers. The top is the back design of the t-shirt, and the bottom  is the front and larger image of the front design. Can't I just work somewhere that makes dumb custom tee's for fun things like this?!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Available Valentine #1 Uncle Joey

Nothing says "I love you" more like a message from Dave Coulier. Want it? Let me know.


Have you been scrambling to hallmark to find the perfect sappy card for that special someone but they all just look like they were made by the "precious moments" co.? If so, I have recently come across some great valentine's ideas involving 90's pop idols, tv stars, and everything terribly awesome. I'm making some sets of illustrated cards and depending on my motivation/free time this week I'd love to mail/email you a set..maybe for a tiny cost depending on who you are ;) jk. Let me know if you're interested, or even if you want a specific one...perhaps Dave Coulier draped in a toga on a cloud? Or even better Morgan Freeman in a swan-shaped paddle boat. You get the idea, the possibilities are endless. 
Get at me. :)

here's an example of a valentine, but its also one I'm sending Meg and don't click! Just wait a few more days! (the ones I'm going to make now are going to be illustrated, but this one is still just as great!)

paper clip mania

So here's just a fun font I found while designing a tee for a flip cup tournament for my roommate at work. Yea, I felt that was more fun than working on a cover for the new book I was just assigned..."BABY ANIMALS" REALLY?! Are there two things combined I hate more?! Anyways, I thought it was funny I just found this when—hey look below!—I was so infatuated with p.clips the other day. I should make a drawing and INCLUDE this font in it...crazy! 

Thursday, February 5, 2009

sneak preev

For those of you whom I love, here is a sneak preview of what my valentines may look like this year (the above photo is way in the early stage, but like I said it's a preview!) You better send me one too if you love me!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For Shan:

Since you love J.Lithgow so much and his pub.serv. announcement about saving manatees.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Supa Bowl

Last night was the superbowl, something I usually don't really care about, but this year being in a new city I wanted to do something fun for it. So I offered up our place as the place to watch the game- mostly because our TV is the king of TV's thanks to my roommate Ashley. We made use of our domestic skills and whipped up some delish treats that our guests were proud of, and by guests a collection of my "new" friends (I'm such a nerd) and our buddy Phil from school. I think a good time was had by all, the game was alright and the "mershies" (commercials for those of you who don't speack truncation) were entertaining too. The favorite was probably the cash for gold commercials, "'s gold". The worst point was def when Springsteen came out and was way to energetic for his old self. Especially when he slid on stage and knocked into the camera/camera man with his crotch. A sight none of us wanted to see. 

I have a problem or two...

So above are all random peices of newspaper images I found in my notebook I bring to work. From time to time I have cut out some of these from the redeye and the reader and have drawn on them. I'm not sure what the appeal of this is to me, I guess I just love the feeling of ballpoint pen on newsprint and also the chance to draw on a nice clean untouched face in the paper. Whatever it is I had all of these loose in my notebook so I thought I'd scan them in. Random, but kinda cool.