Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chi Pub Lib Opinions again

Ok, so I did submit the first chipublib design the other day, but I started working on another after I did some work on the type. I really like the way I made teh type into one image and I wanted some crazy illustration to go with it, but I think it still has to do with library without being obvious. So once again I'll need opinons:
#1 Original 
#2 Original with lines (I like the most)
and #3...add color?

So whatever I decide, I don't think its done, I will work on it more, but I'd like to get more feedback. (and Im super proud to say I drew it all by hand with the moussee).  :D


Weston said...

i keep reading chi pub ib dot org -- just me??

im a type lover, and i love your handwritten stuff, you should show more

Sam Spina said...

looks cool, but i read it chi pub ib too. maybe make a small break on the bottom of the "l" or something. I think you should add color but not that dark and dramatic, an if you off set it like your doing i think you should hand paint it in so the edges are kind of wobbly. the best part is the usb because he is smiling at me

meghan said...

i like the one without the color (#2), and I like the idea of adding a few more random things into the illustration. Totally off-the top of my head suggestions: A famous statue (kind of a gesture towards classic learning and/or the arts at the library), like The Thinker, David, Venus de Milo, etc; A tree (to go with the other organic thing, the goldfish, and conjuring up ideas about tree of knowledge, books from trees, science and nature research etc); oh and MICROFILM! Hehe.

Doug said...

I agree that #2 is my favorite, but there aren't any books in there! I'm old-fashioned, but my library marketing campaign needs at least one shout out to the books.