Thursday, March 26, 2009

more chi pub

Ok so I posted a while ago some sketches and ideas for the ChiPubLibDotOrg design contest. I finally got to work on my idea a bit more and this is what I'm up to so far:

It's not quite done, somethings missing/not quite right. Also I can't decide if the "pub" should be black or white outlined in black orrrr something different. Gimme suggestions. Gracias.


meghan said...

1. Add a spool of microfilm! Haha, I'm only half joking-- it could be cool, and also could double as a symbol for filmstrips/movie projections/etc, all that old school technology that libraries still have along with all the awesome new stuff.

2. I feel like you might want to consider doing something more (shading? more play on black and white) with the "chi" part-- it looks like a lot of white, especially if you do the "pub" in all black, and in a way it is the most important part of the message (Chicago, the first letters of the url, etc). It seems massive and blocky in the corner like that, not in necessarily a bad way, but... weird.

Ok, I could be wrong, since I'm not the one with a graphic design degree, but that's my suggestion!

Sam Spina said...

I think i like the black pub, but maybe add white counters so it's not so black looking. it looks cool though, i like the green and you're super good at illustrating

Doug said...

I still like the black "pub," although I could see it with a white outline to make it less of a harsh contrast with the all-white "chi."

Maybe you want to include a more explicit reference to computers...I don't know. I personally kind of like the way the USB cable and wi-fi symbol do that in a subtle way, but not everyone likes subtle. Maybe a mouse? A homeless guy looking a porn in the background (for a more realist approach)?