Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This is the thanksgiving card I sent home to my family. It was inspired by Shannon's lack of desire to eat meat. I can't wait for tomorrow! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


pretty much the coolest thing i've seen in a while. If only i had two chickens and some dye.

Christmas giftsssa (for dad so dont read)

So I am working on an idea to paint for my dad's christmas present. My sister has bought a cornhole/baggo/bags whatever you call it game for him for tailgating and I want to paint it for her. Instead of paintings something stupid like the "USC" logo or a football field or any number of dumb things frat boys put on their boards (usually painted poorly by a sorority girl who is an "artist" yeaa...) I want to do something that is cool and that he can use other places than just williams brice stadium. 

I think our family's coat of arms would be neat. I have a thing for family crests and think I could execute it really nicely, almost vintage tattoo-looking like, and I think it's also something that is masculine and that Dad would appreciate. Meg isnt really fond of this idea, but i sketched it out and took a pic with my phone and colored it in to get the idea above. I like the version on the left, the black and white on wood.... Meg? I dont even really know why Im blogging about this because besides meg, only 2 other people read this, oh well. (Im pretty sure Dad doesnt, but if he does...FORGET EVERYTHING YOU JUST READ) ;) 

Monday, November 24, 2008


I found these kids while looking for clipart of badminton... it was very strange these two were in a set. So i saved them and colored them in. I kinda like them. 


This is awesome. How many suits does he  own and when can I run into Vincent downtown!?


I ventured out to Wicker park this weekend to a DIY trunk show to see some cool crafts and art from the locals. Usually I either really like these things and get ideas for projects from them, or I get mad that people are selling crap that I can make and are making money off of it. Luckily most of the booths were really neat, I bought a few post cards from RarRarpress. (above) They were really funny sayings and images. It reminded me of something Mom or Grandma would have liked to gone to....but Mom probably would not have liked the post cards, haha.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mailbox, pencil, open mailbox!

So you don't have to be a type nerd to appreciate this, but you will even more if you are one.
Someone sent me this at work today.

So funny! 

Thursday, November 20, 2008

JWilkesBooth rides the Metra?

Every day I take the metra train to work to the suburbs, and every day this little hip man rides too. I always thought he was interesting looking, rides a bike, tweed coat complete with elbow patches, usually a large scarf, a 50's style hat, retro glasses, and of course his mustache curled on each ends. It wasn't until  yesterday when I was searching for images of John Wilkes Booth (typical work task) that I realized this little hipster man must be JWB reincarnated, except complete with a sweet bike and glasses. I have drawn him above and compared him with JWB to the left. I am in no way exaggerating or creating a characature of this little man, he really looks that strange. 

Oh and I also thought I had found a new "hobby" to pass time at work (who else does this?) and started reading books on google reader...till i found out they take out pages so you can't read the whole thing. Blast! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Found this today, not sure if I am just really immature but it was hilarious to me that they kept talking about this lost "tool bag". 

Eli Cash's taste

Doesn't this look like something that would hang on the walls of Eli Cash's apartment? Found it while searching for "OK Corral fight" 

Saturday, November 15, 2008


So, not to talk bad about certain people on here...but I just had to share this photo with the 4 followers of this blog. I came across this photo of some people I know through friends, and had to post it. Please notice all the powder jugs on the cupboards....really? 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kim Jong-ILL

Right now at work I am searching for artwork to be used in a book of completely useless facts. ha...seriously though there's no reason why you ever need to know these facts.

So today, I was searching for artwork for an article about crazy leaders and came across these interesting facts about Kim Jong-il:
According to this book he claims:
-To have been born on a sacred Korean Mountaintop, with his arrival eliciting thunder, lightening, and a DOUBLE rainbow.
-He has written six operas in two years
-The first time he golfed he made 11 hole-in-ones
-He also kidnapped a legendary South Korean film director and his wife and kept them imprisoned for four years until they agreed to make movies for him....except that one really happened.
(just some of the lovely stuff I find at work)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I am working on a series of prints that are playing with type and letters and fun stuff... so answer me this:
What is Useless? 
(animals, objects, people, etc.)

I am playing with the word "useless" and USE leave me some feedback. 

Awesomeness of the day:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Meg and Doug's visit ...

I finally made it to the Art Institute Museum here downtown. Meg and Doug came for the weekend and I thought they would both appreciate the museum, so we figured what better time to be in a warm museum when it's 30 and rainy/snowy. We saw amazing works, so many famous recognizable pieces, it was especially cool for me to see having taken so many art history classes, to see the real works seemed so neat. Above are a few of the pics I took with my phone, we saw: Pollock, De Kooning, O'Keefe, Cassatt, Davis, "American Gothic" Lichtenstein!!, and so much more. Unfortunately the "modern" wing was closed, but guess that just means we will have to go back when Shannon visits. Dr. Collins would be proud.

About 20 minutes into our museum trip I found the room I had wanted to find.... Seurat's "A sunday afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte". For anyone who has seen Ferris Bueller, you  know they come to the museum and pose with statues, hold hands with a chain of students, and of course Cameron sits down and stares into this painting. The scene shows him starring, and then zooms in close, about 5 times until all you see is the tiny dots used to make up the image of the boy's face, (Seurat was the first to use pointilism), but it's my favorite scene from my favorite movie, so I was pretty excited to sit and contemplate my life just as Cameron does before he decides to "let his monkey off the leash"? perhaps. :) (Shannon will understand this)

Oh and the highlight of this trip was seeing someone famous! As we were waiting in the cold to get into the museum on the steps, Doug started to shake as he announced that Aziz Ansari was ahead of us in line. Ok this is a celebrity to us, maybe not to anyone else. He is one of the guys from "Human Giant" and has also been on "Flight of the Concords". He was there with his buddy from Best week ever, who later gave me a dirty look when I didn't see him and was trying to sneak a picture of Aziz on my phone, so I stopped and could only get this picture above of Aziz texting on a bench in the Asian art room. It's actually a pretty neat/sad picture, you just can't tell who it is, but I promise you it is:  
(Aziz is the one in the middle)

We had a good time at the museum, and I will definately be back...that is unless they find out that I am not a student at USC like I said I was to get the "student" price...hehe. The rest of the weekend was fun, we ate at great restaurants, went to fun bars, and even saw a bit of snow! 

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Just a little photo I took on my way to work the day after the election. Many of the store fronts on the bus route were putting the front page of the paper up in their windows. It was obviously all everyone could talk about at work and many people sported their Obama Tees and buttons. It was pretty cool to say I was only a few miles from Grant park where the whole shindig went down. Unfortunately I am always exhausted and get home late, so making it to grant park...or even making it back before sunrise, was out of the question. I wished I could have gone, but it still felt pretty special to just be in the same city, and be around all the people now that are  so happy with how the election turned out. Luckily I can stay in this great city/country because if Palin was our VP I'd be sending my resume's to canada. Luckily, I don't have to.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


please go to this. it's hilarious, even if you aren't a big nerd like me..

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween in Chi-Town

Halloween: Chicago really should be known for celebrating it like crazy. We went out to the bars and there wasn't one person not dressed up or one bar that was not packed. We had a good time, I was an 80's aerobic person, not biggest loser like i had planned, and my roommate was a Lion. We met up with our friend Mallory was a troll. The last picture is the guy i ran into in the bar who was coincidentally dressed as my workout partner. It felt like a movie, a really cute nice guy dressed the same as me--that our minds were on the same brainwave...and of course the girls he was around really didn't like me talking to him, haha. So that was the end of that fantasy meeting. Oh well.