Wednesday, April 8, 2009 emails

click to enlarge to see the subject of the highlighted email I recieved this morning: 

I guess it was in response to the emails we get from the other building like "yummy cannoli's in the cafeteria", those jerks. haha


Doug said...

I love how there's no explanation as to what the ticket gets you...but don't worry, I've got a solid theory.
Willy Wonka candy is putting on an upcoming concert series called "The Bamboozle" and the VIP passes are called "Golden Tickets."
So grab your rolls of quarters and head out to Lincolnwood, because with the promise of bands such as Fall Out Boy, Sum 41, and Third Eye Blind those chocolate bars aren't going to last long.
They should have booked Veruca Salt. Irony!

meghan said...

I thought Doug made this explanation up... but it's real. Go figure.