Monday, April 13, 2009


So I made my brother a Munny for christmas last year in the style of MWM, and kept telling him to take a picture to send to me to post here, so I finally did when I went home this weekend. Enjoy.


Doug said...

That Munny is money. Why are all the Burkes so artistically talented?

Al said...

We're not. I have no idea what a Munny is and I feel like a philistine. Some 'splain, please.

They call me EB said...

Haha its ok Al,
A munny is a kidrobot toy, this particular one is white and you can paint it yourself:

They have some cute stuff, although not really for kids, I would suggest something for Cayce but they're kinda expensive for baby slobber. haha

But i did find this site a while ago and bookmarked it. They have the cutest dolls on it but patterns too to make one
I just love them!