Friday, April 17, 2009

Q & A: manly painting subject matter

No, but really. I am asking you (the few but appreciated) followers: if you were a guy (or currently are) who wants a rather large painting for your home, what would it be of? A friend (Eugene D. Curry... I hope you're reading :) ) has asked for a painting and the only description he has given me is to make it "Bad-Ass". So I'd love to hear some ideas. I have some ideas of my own but just curious of some other suggestions. Thanks 
- eb


Garrett said...

You could of asked me, seeing how experienced I am in the badass department.

Well, that bear, similar to the Arrives bear is badass. Any kind of ferocious animal (alone, eating another animal, on a boat, driving a hummer, smoking a cigar, with a flying V guitar, anything) that I'd get tattoo'd on my bicep is badass. Maybe a silhouette of two brothers doing some badass (giving hi-fives, saying the word "badass," using power tools) would be badass. I saw Dragonball: Evolution today in theaters. That movies was badass.

Honestly, if you go far enough into it, the line in between 'badass,' and 'lame,' can be pretty thin.

btw, I decided I want to get tattoos all over like that Munny you made for me. Badass? Yes!

Sam Spina said...

yeah people say stuff like that to me sometimes too. I usually just draw people fighting, something holding a sword, or some kind of superhero with powers. most of the time there is something bleeding in each of those things. or you can just draw a skeleton with like a rose coming out of the eye hole and something on fire. like tupac on fire.

Doug said...

This may not be as helpful as you'd like, but the image from the March 13th caption contest was one of the manliest things I've ever seen.

This isn't too bad either.

They call me EB said...

hahhahaha omg these are all brilliant ideas! Thanks guys. haha.