Wednesday, April 8, 2009

BIRD MEN: The start of a series (?)


Garrett said...

I think yes, however, these men shouldn't not just be limited to bird wings, maybe other nimal parts?

That's what I want, I'll take a pic of YMC and you'll make us all daytrotty cartoony with animal body parts and all.

meghan said...

ooh i like this. i want four small ones, all different bird men. thanks. i'll pay you with proofreading. ;)

Shandon said...

i like em. make one an elderly fellow, kind of like the one you just made a painting of, but have him soaring in flight with majestic eagle wings while dropping wrapped hard candy on people below him (we don't have to see the people).
Make a series of these doing old men activity like: paying for things in exact change, reading the paper, showing photos of grand-babies, and the likes. oh my. the possibilities.

Doug said...

I like it!

Plus I think the hard candy should be Werther's Original.

BUT...also consider the possibility of having a young man with wings. A bare-chested, muscular, young man with long golden hair and elven ears who can swoop you up into the clouds with his majestic wings.

Or maybe just stick with older guys.