Friday, April 3, 2009

For the sisters:

What does the background of this screenshot remind you of? I think it's a halloween book we used to read that had crazy illustrations, I think it involved a bear, eating too much of some food (burgers?), dressing up for halloween... ah I must know! 

ok thanks for the comments so now i know!: Frank Asch "Popcorn", I'm stealing this book next time I come home.


Shandon said...

i know exactly what you are talking about. he ate popcorn. and i think it was called popcorn. something like that. but he was a bear. and it was halloween.

Daryl said...

Shandon is correct. Sam Bear hosts a Halloween party when his parents are away. All the guests bring popcorn and it overflows the house. They must all eat it up to clean the house, and end up getting belly aches.

burke said...

haha thanks! ps i like how you commented on how "shandon" is correct mom :)

Garrett said...

Mom reads these? Neat-o

meghan said...

Mom!!! haha