Thursday, October 2, 2008


I started a new painting after finding a "Dick Blick" store nearby.....awesome. I had never actually been into a DB store before just always orderd from their catalog, so having a large one just 1.2 miles from my house (or .2 miles from the Clybourn stop on the el) is just really great. So i finally got some art supplies since I left a good about of my papers and canvasas in the move. 

Below are two tapestries that inspired the start of my painting: (they are not mine)

I had seen the lower tapestry in CB2 (which is the super fancy Crate & Barrell) for a ton of money. This one is "Ystavat" by Maija Louekari. I really liked the simplicity of it and I wanted to try to make something as sketchy and together as this. After looking up the designer Maija Louekari, from Finland, I have found a lot of other "Marimekko" designs, which I'm pretty sure is just the company, but all of their fabrics have these really great simplistic outline designs. 

So I attempted my own version with this crazy picture I fell in love with of old men wearing some sort of 3D glasses. Awesome. Once again I can only do like one style. I attempted to make it abstract and outlined and sketchy.....and it turned out cartoonish. Its ok it's fine right now, but its not Marimekko. I plan on fixing some of it. I like how the orange background doesn't touch the outlines and is messy, but now I think im going to add some gray washes to the faces for some depth if i'm going to completly abandon this "marimekko" style.  Oh well I will attempt again, maybe on something not people, since I can only do them like this. 


Doug said...

I bet if your figures had less detail you would have come pretty close to the Marimekko style. Still, it looks pretty good.

meghan said...

What if you even filled in some of the spaces (some of the guys' ties, the lapels of certain jackets, the rims of certain glasses, etc) with the same kind of pale blue-gray fill that's used in the last CB2 Tapestry? That could be really cool, and wouldn't compromise the overall effect with too much realistic shading. Just an idea!
Either way, I like it.