Monday, October 6, 2008

a mess of logos...

Friends from school asked me to help them out with designing a logo for their new frozen yogurt shop they are planning on opening up in Vegas. Called "Yolightful", they wanted something fun and hip and from their thoughts I have started brainstorming my ideas. Keep in mind the logos are all still pretty rough so who knows what the end product will look like or if my friends will even like any of these ideas. 
Here are my ideas sketched out on the computer:

and here is what I wrote to them, explaining each one. 

Grouping #1: This is a random logo i thought of that mixes the 'Y' with the 'L' shape. I dont know if it reads Y and L very well, but its just an idea. (oops and i just realized it's missing a 't', I'll fix that.
#2: I'm kinda drawn to this one for it's simplicity. Again, fonts can be changed and anything, but I thought it might be interesting if the little "plus" sign was used in place of the letter 'T', then this symbol could be your symbol placed all over things throughout your brand in different colors, shapes, etc.
#3: This is my original idea, I drew the font myself, theres different variations of it, becuase some look more fantastical to me, I still like it but not sure if it reads "Yolightful" quickly and clearly enough. Oh but I thought the peices that make up the letters could be incorporated into your logo and around your brand, that might be cool.
#4: Ok I had kind of become drawn to this "o" square shape, and thought that that could be turned into your logo or symbol that is repeated throughout everything. Whether you want to septerate the Yo- from the -lightly or keep it together, I just thought it was a fun shape to work into your logo, I still need to work on that idea, but its a start.
#5- Taking the "Yo" from group #3 font, i just added it to some hand lettering. For some reason I keep seperating the word, I feel really drawn to the YO, but that is your decision. I felt this idea mixed the fun "y" from the previous font, with some fun hand lettering.
#6- Again, just trying to play around with that boxy 'O'.....
#7- And again... trying to do some more with the seperation of YO...
#8- Random just sketching out writing out Yolighful

Tell me which you like the most. 


meghan said...

I agree with a lot of your own personal criticisms already; like, I love the lettering for #3, but I think you're right in suspecting that it's just not readable enough. I like your instinct about separating the YO-and lightful; I feel like they could play around with the "yo" on other parts of their packaging. So, because of that I feel drawn toward #4, #4, and #7. I like the idea of #2, but I think the "T" emphasized as a plus sign in the middle makes me feel like that this is yogurt "+" something, like vitamins or energy booster or something crazy. :)

Doug said...

I think my favorite is #7, with the "lightful" inside the "O." For some reason it reminds me of the Jeni's font/logo that I've always loved.

My real opinion is that they should do the place in a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme and call it "Holly YogLightly." My love of puns is greater than my business sense.

Shannon said...

don't ever listen to doug, Holly Golightly was a whore.

wes10 said...

#7 to the left is the hotness.

I like #3, but it's a slow read.

Oh, hey there Erin! I somehow ended up here -- hows the midwest?