Friday, October 31, 2008


Since I have been a resident of chicago, my first thing  I did when I got settled was to make calendars. Calendars of concerts and shows around chicago. So far I have only had time (and money) to make it to three shows. They were each really good and I hope to see so many more in the future. It's kinda hard coming from NO good music around your area  to so much it's overwhelming. So here are a few pics from the three so far.

1. Hot Chip at Metro
Seeing Hot Chip at Metro was my first show in Chicago. I bought the tickets and went on my own, cuz well the only (2) people I know couldn't go/don't like this kind of music. Im glad I went though. This was one crazy sweaty dance party. The guys from Hot Chip were really funny and entertaining and said "Chicago" funny with their english accents. The show was great, pretty long with a mix of new songs and old ones. Everyone was so into it and at the end giant balloons dropped from the ceiling while everyone was dancing in them. So great- wish I had had someone who'd appreciate that show with me there. 

2. Pinback at bottom lounge

I have always wanted to see a pinback show since I had started listening to them way back in the day. Finally on a sunday night I saw they were going to be at a place downtown. So i bought tickets and just went by myself. Im glad I got to see them, Rob Crow and Zach Smith sounded just as good as they sound on any album. The only thing that put a damper on the show was the people around me. These 5 overweight asians (Im not stererotyping, they were) who had obviously not been out in social situations much proceeded to stand right in front of me. Not only were they huge and blocked my view of the stage in this relatively small venue, but they started to thrash around like they got confused and thought this was a slipnot show. Sorry friends Pinback is mellow as can be. No headbanging allowed. To make matters worse the one largest guy had obviously ate something that didn't agree with him and had the worst smelling gas I have ever unfortunatley been witness to. There was no escaping them either, I moved to the right...they slid to the right. They were so annoying it forced me to leave before their encore. Oh well. 

3. Crystal Castles at Metro
Crystal castles was a great show. The place was really packed with crazy hipsters and you couldn't really get a view of the stage from anywhere but the music was so good that it really didn't matter. At first Lymbic System came on. They were really good, I suggest you download them if you want some soothing mellow music--not really the best pic to open for a crazy upbeat electronic show, but hey they were good. 
Finally Crystal castles came out, they had an amazing set up- so many electronic devices to make music on that I have no idea what they were, and a drum set. The show started and went fast.... almost disappointing though, they probably played maybe 6 songs and ran off stage and the lights came on. People next to me were mad, as were many others who waited to see them only play for a tiny bit. Nonetheless they sounded amazing and really got the crowd into it. I am so glad I saw them since I have been so obsessed with their music lately. 

{There will be many more to come in the future, hopefully I'll actually have someone to go with!}


Doug said...

I've been missing potentially amazing shows in Columbus lately because I've my schedule. I missed Heartless Bastards at a nice, small venue early last month (bachelor party), the Elephant 6 Collective at another small venue two weeks later (wedding), and Wolf Parade in Cleveland tonight (stupid paper).

Doug said...

Because OF my schedule. I accidentally the whole thing.