Friday, October 17, 2008

Working girl

So i have started my job here in Morton Grove at Publications International. I like it pretty much here, its just getting out here that takes a toll on me and my energy. My starts at 6, I wake up get ready, make  a lunch and catch the bus that I ride for about 30 minutes to the Metra station.  I take the Metra into the suburbs to Morton Grove where I can (luckily) easily walk to my office. From there I work from 8:30 - 5:00 and then start the long commute again. 
Here is the metra train i take:

And a pic of my desk at work...I had to decorate on day one.


meghan said...

There's no pics of me or Doug on your cubicle! :(

I will have to send you one to remedy that!

Doug said...

I actually miss commutes, although I've never had one nearly that long. There really isn't any other time of the day where people just leave you alone and let you listen to music/think.

burke said...

first of all there are pics of you guys, on the right side when we visited you in columbus.

and yea i guess it can be kinda nice....when im not afraid a 14 yr old spanish thug will rob me. ha jk.