Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lunchbreak doodle

Random rough doodle. I'm stuck on projects I need to finish and am completely lacking inspiration. When is Gatorade going to make a energy drink sans energy but plus inspiration?

Also, I changed my URL to this blog, it is now (so eventually when goes up, everything is uniform) and didn't inform anyone before. So if you had my site bookmarked, it now says my blog "no longer exists". Whoops! Hope I didn't lose any of you followers.  


meghan said...

You should re-advertise your new blog address (like on Facebook and Twitter). I had to manually re-ad it to my profile of things I "follow"-- wonder if other people unfortunately lost it as well!

Dean Grey said...


I made the switch over to your new blog but am wondering why you changed it to begin with.