Thursday, April 15, 2010


I didn't think I was going to submit a design for the Chipublib poster contest this year, but I changed my mind...and this year I am going to win. This is the initial design, somewhat similar to what I did last year that wasn't the finalist. It's going off of the idea that all these concepts on the back of this guy's bike can be picked up from the library. But I need opinions. Things to consider:
-Do I add full color?
-Keep black and white and different background color?
-Add grays for shadows?
-Is he too hipster-looking?
-Is someone going to assume the bike is fixed gear and laugh that there is a rack on the back, because no one would put a rack on a fix–UGH...
-Are the items too jumbled, can't tell what they are?
-Should I add more things on the back? Like what?
- Is there too much cable wrapped around?
-"Take it home" or "Bring it home"?


meghan said...

I kind of like the simplicity of the one background color and the black and white outlining-- I'm not sure what last year's winner looked like, though, and if they normally want more colorful things, but I love the way it looks as is. What is the dark black thing (not the obvious cord) coming out from the totem pole and into the octopus, though? Is that a flashlight?

They call me EB said...

Ugh it does look like a flashlight. It's part of a t-square... hmmm I will rework this.

Sam Spina said...

man was that really a year ago? i think bring it home is a better saying. it sounds more punny to me. i get a mash-up of cheerleaders from bring it on and a baseball coach yelling it at a kid in my mind when i think of bring it home, and i like that. and i think the illustration is awesome, but what if you made the black dark gray instead? i think it would look better with the pastel-y orange color. or change the orange color to a more saturated orange.

Dean Grey said...


This looks great! Very simple and clean looking.

It could use some more color though. Maybe some greens to tie into the CPL's all-green logo?

A strong concept so far!

Good luck!


zakstern said...

I like the picture alot!

I would stick with "take it home". "Bring it home" sounds like something that would be said in the huddle of high school football team.

The cord seems a bit long but as I know nothing about graphic design I have no specific suggestions on how to change it. :(

Hope you win!