Friday, April 9, 2010

Chicago Monsters

This is how much of a nerd I am; I've posted before about the website I check many times a day Videogum. Well last night the website had their official 2nd Birthday party in Brooklyn. Turns out there was a handful of us commenters that live in Chicago so we had our own meet-up last night. I am not going to lie, it felt like I was meeting someone from speedating and I didn't know what to expect. We got to the bar and I forced Mickey to awkwardly go over to a table we suspected to most likely be "monsters". We picked correctly and had a great night, everyone was just as smart and witty as their avatars. There was plenty of talk of Topher, Steve Winwood, BNPGs, and enough Boy Meet's World Trivia to last a lifetime. Here's a few pics from the night and the group shot we obviously sent to Gabe. 
Happy Birthday from the mid-west!

Topher and ?uestlove were there too!
and still checking Videogum via phones. 

It was nice to meet you all!


They call me EB said...

Gabe replied to the email of pictures:

"Hi Erin,

Thanks! This is so nice! It looks like fun!


Sam Spina said...

"everyone was just as smart and witty as their avatars"

Christopher said...


They call me EB said...

Haha Sam there is nothing wrong with that sentence.

DS3M said...

Thank You for posting these!!!

Patrick O said...

Awesome! It was super fun. Great to meet all you.

Patrick M~ said...

Hi Erin -- it was great meeting everyone, even though I am older than all of you combined (in addition to my already being an old soul).

meghan said...

Wish Doug and I could have been there! (Next meet-up, we'll drive in from OH). :)

Dean Grey said...


You and the gang just proved that nerds can be cool too!