Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dark Lord Day

Yesterday a group of us got a schoolbus and took it to Munster Indiana for Dark Lord day and Three Floyds brewery. It was pretty neat, a few of my friends are real beer nerds so they were really into it and waited in the line for a couple of hours to get the one and only Dark Lord beer that is only available on this day at the brewery. I tasted it... I don't like beers that taste like licorice, gross. It was a pretty fun day, got to taste some interesting beers and got some serious people watching. The crowd there was about 89% overweight men to 11% women. 100% crazies. My favorite I tried were: Hair of the Dog- Michael, and Brooklyn Local 2, and Nugget Nectar. Yeah, I do not like imperial stouts. Some photos here, the rest here: (at the end of the album)


Al said...

School buses and breweries? Somewhere a shiver of longing just ran through Scott. Sounds like good times.

Dean Grey said...

What a way to defile the quiet the town of Munster, Indiana!

There are some really beautiful homes there!

We pass through the town almost every day while taking my uncle for his weekly hospital visits.


Daniel said...

I am jealous and Nugget Nectar is great.