Friday, February 26, 2010

Recycled Wine Bottle Projects

Crafters: Anyone seen any cool ideas or websites on what to do with old wine bottles? I can just recycle them, but I kinda want to turn them into something. Right now they make me look like a hoarder since the empty ones sit on top of my cupboards. I don't really want to do anything involving cutting the glass or just making them into little vases...snore... Any ideas?

I like these two...but uh I'm neither an electrician nor a craftsman...


Dean Grey said...


Oh, I love those wine bottle lights!

You'll think of something to do with yours, I know it!


Sam Spina said...

you can, like, cut up red peppers and olives and put them in the empty bottles with oil and just put them in your kitchen. so your place can look like peir 1. that would be pretty cool.

smb said...

just keep them as they are on the shelf, maybe stand some up in the back, and have christmas lights through them that way. ta da. i just save you hundreds of dollars/frustration. enjoy .

DevonWade said...

I tried those light fixture things about a year ago...we got pretty far actually, and then as we were taking it to my in-laws house (it was a gift), Drew dropped it. I was going to fix it, but didn't have the heart after all that work. Sad face.

You can buy a bottle cutter online for like $25 (can't remember where I got mine). I've also seen people stuff them with Christmas lights, which looked pretty cool.

I'm just looking through your blog and posting on really old stuff...don't mind me :)