Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's everyone. I've always kinda liked Valentine's day, even in the past 23 out of 24 years when I haven't had a "special someone" on that day. You get candy and cards when you're little because it's MANDATORY, and when you're older it's a chance for a stranger to admit their attraction to you for no reason other than it's february 14th.

The past few years, I've tried to make valentine's for my sisters and my family. Last year I did really funny ones (I AM HILARIOUS!) and this year just a little something pretty. I drew some little things that myself or the person on the receiving end likes. (I do not like Pugs, haha). I did them to look like quick watercolor sketches, printed them out, and wrote a short note on the back. For the ones I mailed–I never have proper stationary, so being lazy turned into a cute creative endeavor and made the envelopes out of an old Urban Outfitters catalog. Though TheSimpson's stamps don't really go with the look I was trying to capture, haha. Hope you enjoyed your valentine's day. :)


meghan said...

1. You do like pugs, just admit it.
2. Who the heck likes lobsters so much?
3. You've been doing creative cards for years. Don't forget the "I [dead purple heart] You" one you crafted years ago!
4. These are awesome and you should sell them.
5. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

Doug said...

Besides agreeing with everything Meg just said, I wanted to add

6. You like Bartleby? Or Karl?

They call me EB said...

No i dont like pugs....YOU guys love em. hehe.

Def Bartelby, isn't Karl the bad one? I want one really badly...but not like everyday. haha. There needs to be dog rentals I'm serious.

Dean Grey said...


I absolutely love the handmade envelopes you made, especially considering these were made out of an old clothing catalog!