Monday, February 1, 2010

Look what I "made"

Ignore the awkwardness of the photo-there's really no place to take a full-length pic of myself other than the front of the bathroom door, open.  I bought this dress last weekend when Shannon was in town, I loved the fabric and print, but it was way past the knees, almost ankle length. So I whipped out the sewing machine and hemmed  it. I love it now! 


Garrett said...

woooo does tsewang get a dress?

Tyler said...


meghan said...

impressed, and jealous.

Dean Grey said...


Nice job! It totally has a vintage/80's feel to it, no?


Al said...

I swear your mom had exactly the same dress back in the early 80's but I can't find the photo. But I will. Oh yes, I will. Hawt.