Thursday, February 18, 2010


I haven't given something up for lent in a looong time. Sometimes I decide to take on things, not necessarily good things either. This year I actually am going to give up something. Give up SHOPPING. Thinking about this is already causing my anxiety levels to rise. I don't shop a lot by any means, I'm poor–but I tend to shop lightly but frequently. Oh a pretty shirt on a weekend, a dress and maybe shoes too on the next... it adds up. I have plenty of clothes and this is going to force myself to go through them all and find new ways to wear them as well. I just love clothes and as dumb and housewife-ish as this sounds, shopping makes me feel good. You feel good when you look good, have you not learned this from countless episodes of What Not To Wear? So today begins day 2 of no shopping until after lent. This may sound like a very easy thing to do for some, but 40 days and living in the 3rd largest city with some of the best shopping around the corner of my apt. ughh. Also having to purchase new $$$ computer programs when the new computer you JUST bought will not run the old ones is more motivation that I'll ever need to not spend on clothes. I can do it. Luckily Mommy and Daddy are visiting right when lent is ending. Cha-ching! haha. jk. 

Buttt if anyone wants to buy me these before they are not available 39 days from now, I'd greatly appreciate it, size 8, haha. Ughh I need them.


Justin said...

I actually learned that you feel good when you look good from Mike "The Situation" in his motivational speach outlining the benefits from living a GTL lifestyle.

Garrett said...

Yussss... mommy and daddy visiting -- cha-ching indeed!