Saturday, January 23, 2010

NEW computer!

Well my new 21.5'' imac came yesterday* and it's beaaaaautiful. I haven't gotten up all day since I've set it up. It's wonderful. Now I can finally skype with a camera (yes a webcam is big news to me) so I did that for most of the morning with my family. Sorry Shan but I kept telling you to stop making such awful faces because I was taking here you go! HA. And also a shot of my setup, sorry it's dark my apt. is pretty cavelike, but I like it that way.
*Fed Ex sucks, while it was supposed to be delivered yesterday, clearly no one is home at 2pm so I had to drive out to SKOKIE...basically where I work to pick it up today. Yeah Fed Ex delivers on saturday... LIES.


Sam Spina said...

siiiiiiick! is that one of those crazy new mice, where the whole thing is a button and you can do all kinds of different clicks and stuff?

They call me EB said...

Yeeeeeep, it's amazing!