Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3 portraits: #2

I am not as pleased with #2 as I am with #1, but I was referencing a much smaller resolution photo. I've had this idea for a while to do a series of portraits from the mugshots online. That's where I found Juan here. 
Charge: Aggravated battery of a child with a firearm, aggravated discharged of a firearm from a vehicle, aggravated discharged of a firearm from a vehicle near a school and aggravated battery with a firearm
Jeesuz Juan. Kind of depressing/erie, but I think it's a cool idea. Not really sure if it's really legal...Doug?
And I know I said I'd do 3 illustrations today, but I just got handed some work and my eyes are hurting and my jaw is tense (that happens when I concentrate for a while), so it'll be just two today, sorry!


They call me EB said...

Ugh my link didn't work, he's #3 or Jan, 11th's mugshot.

Michael Moreci said...

Nice, on both sketches!

Doug said...

You mean making art from a mugshot? In Illinois you have a right to make and sell a "single and original work of fine art" that depicts someone, so I think you're good.