Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tsewang: The Memory Project

A while back I made a post about doing this project called "The Memory Project" for my old high school art teacher, Ms. D. Well this is the final version. I have to say it's been a while since I've done such a realistic portrait with pencil and I thought the leftover board I was using was the kind I used to use but I was way wrong. It was just really bad matboard that eventually shredded the more you burnished so–yeah not good for this. I tried to make him smile more but I just couldn't get it! Oh well, this is the final picture, I'm mailing it this weekend, and hopefully Tsewang will enjoy it when he eventually gets it.


meghan said...

Looks awesome-- now do more. All the other kids will want one!

Sam Spina said...

holy crap! i really like the smooth bg contrasting with the textured portrait! and the expression is really nice, it's like he's about to smile

Al said...

Looks amazing, as usual. Loves.

Dean Grey said...


Fantastic job on this!

The portrait is not only highly rendered but the background is wonderfully whimsical too!

Just great!