Thursday, February 26, 2009

& vs. &

Ok, some of you know I have a thing for ampersands, and lately I haven't been able to figure out which version I like the best. Im working on a couple different ideas that involve them, so just a poll, which do you like the best?
Option 1: The "italic" ampersand, solid, outlined, or colored and bordered.
Option 2: Another "italic" ampersand, Solid, or outlined.
Option 3: Traditional Ampersand "fancy" outline, solid, or simple outlined. 


meghan said...

hmmm, depends what you want to use them for. the first one is kind of neat since it looks vaguely like a cursive "E", so if it was some kind of particularly personalized project, that might be the most fitting. They all look cool though!

Garrett said...

I like one of the third ones, maybe the one with the outline. The first one looks more like a sguiggle than an ambersamb, and the second is fat a ugly. :)

why the & poll, huh?

Doug said...

I know I'm weighing in a little late on this one, but I've got to give my vote for option #1 as well, for the same reasons Meg gave.