Monday, February 9, 2009


Have you been scrambling to hallmark to find the perfect sappy card for that special someone but they all just look like they were made by the "precious moments" co.? If so, I have recently come across some great valentine's ideas involving 90's pop idols, tv stars, and everything terribly awesome. I'm making some sets of illustrated cards and depending on my motivation/free time this week I'd love to mail/email you a set..maybe for a tiny cost depending on who you are ;) jk. Let me know if you're interested, or even if you want a specific one...perhaps Dave Coulier draped in a toga on a cloud? Or even better Morgan Freeman in a swan-shaped paddle boat. You get the idea, the possibilities are endless. 
Get at me. :)

here's an example of a valentine, but its also one I'm sending Meg and don't click! Just wait a few more days! (the ones I'm going to make now are going to be illustrated, but this one is still just as great!)

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