Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For Shan:

Since you love J.Lithgow so much and his pub.serv. announcement about saving manatees.


meghan said...

She played it yesterday morning too-- Shan loves Lithgow as much as Lithgow loves manatees!

Shandon said...

MORE, i would say.
f ing
Lithgow Manatees

managows, whatever.

Doug said...

So it's official: John Lithgow thinks he is a manatee. What's worse, I just read an interview with him where the Save the Manatee Club was asking him about his sea cow fetish and he admits that he has NEVER ACTUALLY SEEN A MANATEE.
Seriously man, if you're going to be writing books and doing PSA's and all of that hop on down to Florida sometime and check it out. I mean, this isn't going to require living in the bush with a National Geographic photographer for three months, you aren't trying to save the narrow-striped mongoose of Madagascar, you are saving an animal that weighs over 1000 lbs, hangs out in five foot deep waters, and swims like my grandmother.
Also, did you know that the word "manatee" comes from a word meaning "breast?" John Lithgow does.

meghan said...

Question: why is Doug reading John Lithgow Manatee interviews, when he says he is too busy with "work" to do anything with me?


burke said...

haha who knew Lithatees would cause such a stir! Love it.