Tuesday, January 27, 2009

PubTrans pt.2

So I often take pictures of funny things I see on the train, and this one fits in quite nicely. Thank God for my iphone right? People can just assume I'm texting instead of pointing my little lens at them. This one below was from last week. This dude across from me was reading a how-to-guide on "The Art of Surfing", and it was thick too. How much information can be in there... I've been surfing, I got up... and I didn't read a manual. I can only hope he's preparing for a vacation in Hawaii and hoping to get some insane big waves that may kill you, so he's reading up on Ch. 4 "How not to die". Also the fact that it was probably a high of 11 degrees made this seem a tad bit absurd as well. Oh pub tran. 
(I also love his creepy stare!)


Garrett said...

that's a fail!

Doug said...

Nice! The other day I was on the bus when there was a bus fight; they had to call the cops, get everyone off the bus, and load us up on another one. Plus, the guy who started the fight just left before the cops got there.