Friday, January 16, 2009

Morton Grove's finest....

So I have been riding the Metra to work for 4 months now and I JUST noticed the little shelf in the train station with a sign on it saying "Morton Grove Library". So I checked out what books they had on this shelf that someone purposely picked from the MG library. UM WOW... I only took a photo of three of these great novels, but I assure you there were two shelves worth of all books like this:

Maybe Ill let "Colton's Folly" help the time pass while waiting for the train this afternoon. haha. These are great. 

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Doug said...

The cover of "Leader of the Pack" confused me, so I had to look up a book description. Apparently the guy on the cover is an undercover officer who is in the process of bringing down a vicious gang. I wasn't aware that there were semi-traditional Native American gangs running around, but I imagine they're tough to infiltrate, and this guy has clearly succeeded. Maybe Ryan Buckhart (could Buck Heart be his "gang name"?) should learn to relax enough to get out of character when hanging out with his (ex?)wife.