Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kim Jong-ILL

Right now at work I am searching for artwork to be used in a book of completely useless facts. ha...seriously though there's no reason why you ever need to know these facts.

So today, I was searching for artwork for an article about crazy leaders and came across these interesting facts about Kim Jong-il:
According to this book he claims:
-To have been born on a sacred Korean Mountaintop, with his arrival eliciting thunder, lightening, and a DOUBLE rainbow.
-He has written six operas in two years
-The first time he golfed he made 11 hole-in-ones
-He also kidnapped a legendary South Korean film director and his wife and kept them imprisoned for four years until they agreed to make movies for him....except that one really happened.
(just some of the lovely stuff I find at work)

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