Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas giftsssa (for dad so dont read)

So I am working on an idea to paint for my dad's christmas present. My sister has bought a cornhole/baggo/bags whatever you call it game for him for tailgating and I want to paint it for her. Instead of paintings something stupid like the "USC" logo or a football field or any number of dumb things frat boys put on their boards (usually painted poorly by a sorority girl who is an "artist" yeaa...) I want to do something that is cool and that he can use other places than just williams brice stadium. 

I think our family's coat of arms would be neat. I have a thing for family crests and think I could execute it really nicely, almost vintage tattoo-looking like, and I think it's also something that is masculine and that Dad would appreciate. Meg isnt really fond of this idea, but i sketched it out and took a pic with my phone and colored it in to get the idea above. I like the version on the left, the black and white on wood.... Meg? I dont even really know why Im blogging about this because besides meg, only 2 other people read this, oh well. (Im pretty sure Dad doesnt, but if he does...FORGET EVERYTHING YOU JUST READ) ;) 


meghan said...

Dad better not READ THIS!!! And it is a secret from Mom too!!!!!

Doug said...

I like the idea, and the design does look pretty good. I still like the idea of a sports-themed cornhole board, even though I agree it shouldn't look like everyone else's.
What about something with rugby? Doesn't your dad like the New Zealand All-Blacks? It might be more challenging since they don't use a lot of color, but it could be pretty cool.