Thursday, November 20, 2008

JWilkesBooth rides the Metra?

Every day I take the metra train to work to the suburbs, and every day this little hip man rides too. I always thought he was interesting looking, rides a bike, tweed coat complete with elbow patches, usually a large scarf, a 50's style hat, retro glasses, and of course his mustache curled on each ends. It wasn't until  yesterday when I was searching for images of John Wilkes Booth (typical work task) that I realized this little hipster man must be JWB reincarnated, except complete with a sweet bike and glasses. I have drawn him above and compared him with JWB to the left. I am in no way exaggerating or creating a characature of this little man, he really looks that strange. 

Oh and I also thought I had found a new "hobby" to pass time at work (who else does this?) and started reading books on google reader...till i found out they take out pages so you can't read the whole thing. Blast! 


Doug said...

Wow, that guy does look a lot like JWB. If he ever invites you over for a glass of wine be sure not to accept the invitation:

meghan said...

Where does Doug find these things?

P.S. There is a ridiculous number of things wrong with that YouTube video, by the way. Number one, JWB was a nationally-famous dreamboat actor whose face and exploits were in the papers all the time before the assassination, so some of the people in that courtroom would have recognized him, most likely. He was also young, hot, and very, very southern, so that tweedy English accent they've got him using is pretty shitty too.
So, a handsome young playboy southern actor... I guess it was like if Matthew McConaughey killed the pres. Craziness!

Shannon said...

I appreciate your use of "Blast" here. congrats