Monday, September 22, 2008


So I officially got a job! I came here to get one and in less than 2 weeks I actually got a full time decent job. I interviewed for an intern position with Publications International for my first interview since I got here, and halfway through the interview they stopped me and asked if I wanted to interview for the assistant art director position instead? I kindly thanked them and said no I'd rather get paid $150 a week instead of a salary.... just kidding. I went through with that interview and appearntly they liked my work because a week later they offered me the position. I'm sorry... I'm an assistant art director? Ha that sounds unreal to me. I just hope they were right in asking my to apply for that posistion. In all seriousness I know I can do whatever they give me, but it just seems very professional for me, but I always think less of my work and abilities, which usually turns out helpful in most ways for me. 
So I start work on Oct. 1st, and having already been doing basically nothing but getting our apartment together the past two weeks, I literal
ly have to create projects for myself to do (that dont require spending too much $$) this week to keep me occupied. I was thinking of going to the Dick Blik art store around here and just wandering around the aisles. I have never been into this store-let alone seen a free standing one, but have always ordered from it since forever, so that's always an option. 
I also need to get to a target or somewhere to buy a shelf for my room and a bedside table...both which require some strength or possibly a car instead of me carrying both back atleast a mile (each way) down Lincoln. I don't want to attempt that, but I think it must be done. 
Well that's my update on my work/boring life. We had a fun weekend this weekend, since my roommates have full-time, energy sucking jobs our weekdays consist of dinner and an hour of tv and bed by 10, we live for the weekends. Friday just Kate and I went on an adventure of a night, going out to the bars where we figured out each one we went to was more of a college depaul bar, (hmm still looking for the good places) and then somehow got to 10pin... a club like bowling alley. Ha..for real. It was actually pretty fun, we bowled a round and watched the crazy screens play dance videos and then headed back out of the city to Lincoln park to go home. Saturday we watched our Gamecocks just barely beat Wofford and went out to meet our new group of friends we have been making. Sunday was spent walking around Michigan Avenue to find Nordstroms Rack (which would not be possible without my new phone with GPS). It just still boggles my mind that we can say "lets go downtown"...and by downtown I mean the 3rd most populated city in america that I call home now :). It's still so amazing to me that I'm here. Well that's my update for now, hope my posts aren't too boring for you since I lack the gift of witty writing that appearntly the rest of my family excels in so well. ha. 

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meghan said...

I really like reading what you write-- unlike Shan and I, who have forced our writing on the fam for years, I haven't ever been able to read a lot of you just expressing yourself (rather than analyzing slave narratives and Indian histories and stuff... sheesh).
And, reading this stuff gets me SO excited to come see your city! Can't wait!