Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

I moved!
Yep, I actually did it. September 1st came around and I packed up everything I owned and moved to Chicago. My dad and I drove up his new tahoe + a uhaul (which he didn't think we needed at first) and headed through NC, Tennesee, Kentucky, and Indiana till we reached the great state of Illinios. The ride up was ....all corn fields. Thats it, maybe a little bit of horses in kentucky but other than that it was a flat and boring ride

We arrived in Chicago and settled into our awesome apartment, I have been living in our place for a week without any of my furniture, but it has finally started to arrive. I got my desk yesterday and quickly built that, Bed and dresser should arrive tomorrow, then I will no longer have to sleep on our pull-out couch, even though that's so comfortable. Our place is really coming together, we've painted some walls, added decoration and I hung most of my paintings. We are in such a great location too, everything really worked out.

We are discovering great shops, restaurants and bars around our little neighborhood. There is so much available here there is really no reason to ever go into the city. Although we did the other day and played tourists, it was such a nice day for it too. We went down to the lake the sat. morning and watched the RedBull Flugtag. It was just like the commercials, lots of crazy people failing and making a flying craftt. Quite entertaining though. 

I went on my first job interview...well twice since the first time they gave me the wrong address and of course both days i set out on the hour long El ride to the last stop in scary skokie it was pouring rain and cold, oh well. At least the interview turned out well. While i was interviewing for a not-so-great internship, they stopped the interview mid way and asked if I wanted to interview for an assistant art director position! So surprising... guess now is the time I thank my old professor for making us spend so much time on our portfolios. 

Everything is going really well, we are meeting new people and having fun in this new time-zone. I do miss my family, but I will see them soon enough. If anyone's reading this and feels like visiting the windy city...we have a pullout couch for you! 


Garrett said...

I am moving up there too! wwow!

meghan said...

Haha, I didn't know our brother was becoming your fourth roommate... interesting development...