Friday, September 12, 2008

Life on Geneva

Life on N. Geneva Terrace:
So here are a few pics of our apartment since we have settled in, here's the first pic of the outside of our place. We luckily have the first floor so moving in wasn't that bad. Parking on our street is a pain, but Ashley is the only one with a car, so we don't have to worry about that too much. 

Below are some pics of the living room. We have great bay windows that let in a lot of light since most of the rest of the house is between two tall buildings. Kate and I pained the living room a dark gray color, but it looks really good especially against the artwork and our sweet giant TV ashley bought.

Here is the kitchen, when we moved in, it was this color, but we decided to keep it that way out of lack of energy to paint, and it matches our stuff pretty well. We have a nice dining area where we sit rarely, but we have a lot of great space to cook....or great space for the girls to cook.

And Lastly there's my bedroom. I painted it a dark turqouise color that looks really nice against my bedspread. I hung up a lot of my artwork and the art i had collected and it looks nice. After waiting forever for my dresser and bed I finally put together my bedroom, and although it's small, its really nice. I'm very happy with it. 

And here's the office. I have my work/art desk set up there in the corner where i have plenty of room to do computer work and a whole other side of the desk to do real artwork. Its kinda messy right now since I am not completely settled, but its fine for now. Across is Ashley's office corner where she does her work.

And that's our apartment. It's great space and we all really like it. Not to mention how nice of a location it is. Its near so many restaurants and shops and we can walk everywhere. Here is a pic of us at the beach the other morning... yes the beach...and yes in our bathingsuits! I love walking to the lake, and especially love running there. Its such a nice place. Enjoy the pics. check back for more! -e

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meghan said...

The place looks great! I love all the color... although, you better watch out, because there are ORBS in your bedroom!