Thursday, November 5, 2009

Movies by Mickey 1: Marley and Me

"I accidently watched Marley and Me starring Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, a couple of babies, and a golden lab last night. Owen Wilson says some funny stuff and hooks up
 with Jennifer Aniston. They get a dog. Jennifer Aniston thinks shes pregnent and Owen Wilson does/says something funny/goofy. She's not pregnent - false alarm. Then the dog eats some shoes. They laugh. Then she finally gets knocked up. And Owen Wilson takes the dog for a walk and says something else thats funny. Then she gets knocked up A SECOND time. and then the dog licks her face, and owen wilson says something funny. and then they move to the suburbs and the dog knocks over a todler and wakes up the infant. Jennifer Aniston cries because its hard being a mom (TOTALLY post partum, I thought she was going to kill the baby) but she just kicks the dog out. and then owen wilson says something funny.Thats the whole movie. Oh and then the dog dies, something like that."


Doug said...

A week ago, we were doing class presentations and this guy was doing a class presentation about the New Deal. And he makes the comment that John Steinbeck was able to work for a New Deal program taking a census of dogs in California, which helped him make it through the depression and later write "The Grapes of Wrath" and all that good stuff. Then the following exchange takes place:

Professor: "Yes, and Steinbeck later wrote a novel about a dog...I believe it was 'Marley and Me.' Steinbeck wrote that first."
Presenter: "Ummm...I don't believe that was Steinbeck. I don't think John Steinbeck wrote 'Marley and Me'"

To his credit, Steinbeck did write a book called "Travels with CHARLEY" about a dog, but yeah.

They call me EB said...

Haha...wait is this LAW SCHOOL presentations that this happend in?