Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Don't mind the iphone bad quality of pics, but I got business cards yesterday. They look great. I ordered them for the many times when someone has seen my paintings, tshirts, posters, etc. that I have designed for friends and want to know if I have a card and I stare back blankly at them. Problem Solved! 
I love these little cards and am going to just start throwing them out at people on the street, haha. 
[front and back]


Sam Spina said...

cool shape and pattern! did you print and cut them yourself? I found an awesome online printer with the cheapest prices i've ever seen!!! it's like 2 times cheaper then anywhere else and the paper quality is excellent. you can ask for free samples. it's

They call me EB said...

I just found a place online actually and it was really cheap for 100. I cut the corners myself bc I didn't want all 4 rounded.

Garrett said...

Creative person! Love it!

Tyler said...

Those are awesome Erin

They call me EB said...