Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You've been DAYTROTTED

Here you go. Young Man Carbuncular has it's very own "daytrotter"-like illustration. This just might be my new favorite style of illustrating. I'm no Johnnie Cluney, but I like it!

Clockwise from Top: Gage, Tyler, Ian, Garrett (bro), and Brady (center)
 (and the outline)


meghan said...

this is great. i also like how everyone is very intent on their music in that moment-- except bro, who's staring out at viewer like, "whut?"

Doug said...

AWESOME!!! I think you seriously nailed the Daytrotter illustration style. This literally turned out better than I pictured it.
You should drive out to Rock Island and post these up, then when everyone gets confused just sneak YMC into a recording session. "Sorry for the, Camera Obscura totally cancelled." That's all it takes.