Monday, May 11, 2009

Chat with Colleen:

Colleen: ...OMG my priest is coming to bless my new apt...not normal- any time really!!!
me: hahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
omgggg system failure whatttt
did your mom set that up?
Colleen: he asked my parents at church yesterday
me: hahhahaha i cant function
Colleen: fuck yeah i want him to bless the shit out of apt
me: haaa oh man thats so funny. Well thats good you wont have ghosts or poltergeists, i woulda just suggested burning some sage but thats good too


Sam Spina said...

I like that you talk like a robot when you aim

Doug said...

???!!!! Haha, I like how you also suggested burning sage. Your friend should definitely be burning sage, sprinkling salt, and painting goat's blood on the door when he arrives.