Monday, May 18, 2009


Sunday was the Chicago Walk N Roll "walk" for American Cancer Society. My roommate and her co-workers always do races and things like this for their company, but I decided I wanted to get in on this one because it was a 10-mile rollerblade, and rollerblading is da bomb. Mind you I had not "bladed" since... oh probably 8th grade, but I brought my old pair (with multi-colored wheels, yes) up to Chicago with me. 
It was a lot of fun actually, it went from Grant park down by the lake. We had such a nice day too, I even got some color on my face. It took me an hour an 5 minutes to do the whole thing, and I was trekking pretty much the whole time, and the only hills in Chicago were all on that course on the way back, needless to say, I am sore today.

and of course: 

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Doug said...

Ha! A+ on remembering the Human Giant clip. If you see Aziz at the museum again be sure to accost him and constantly ask to go rollerblading.