Tuesday, December 9, 2008

X-mas* cards

Yay I made Christmas cards! Here are some pics of my "Christmas Cards Version 1" I did last night and almost died from the fumes in out little back room (it was WAY too cold to do outside). Don't worry--for the family members that read this blog (on a daily basis...aka the two of you) you aren't getting these, you may be getting version 2.  

*Oh and remember how mom would yell at us when we were young if we wrote "x-mas" saying it was taking "Christ" out of Christmas, well Daryl was wrong. Back in the day X stood for Christ (or something like that I read from my book at work) ...soooo there Mom. 

1 comment:

meghan said...

very nice! now work on a family card. And Betsy's wedding logo. and....

See you have a lot to do, even without work assignments. :)