Monday, December 8, 2008

Three more...

Here are two more of the illustrations I have been working on to help someone out at work for The "Gigantic Armchair Reader" book..ugh. Usually they send the reference images off to an illustrator but this time I've been doing them! I kind of enjoy doing them, so I hope they keep coming.

PS. My sister's came up to Chicago for my super sweet 23rd birthday. We had a fun time, shopping, eating, etc. Shannon got a taste of the midwest and the fresh snow we had on my birthday. Below is a pic of us just before Meg and Shan drove back to Columbus, taking a walk by the semi-frozen Lake Michigan. 


Doug said...

Awesome! At least you'll have something to do at work. Besides, I'd much rather have a book full of illustrations than a book full of public domain clip art.

For some reason I think the Hulk in that illustration looks like Garrett, only transformed into the Hulk.

Garrett said...

I think it looks like normal sized/clothed Garrett.