Wednesday, December 10, 2008

and more.

Maybe you are getting sick of looking at these, but hey here's two more I did at work. Jeanne Carmen and Bella Lugosi (Hey look Gar, a vampire!). Sadly, I think these are the last of them for now, guess I'll have to find something else to occupy my napping.


meghan said...

I'm definitely not tired of looking at these. In fact, I would also be much more willing to buy something called the "Big Bathroom Reader" or whatever it is you work on (hehe) if it was all illustrated like this.

Doug said...

Is it really called "Big Bathroom Reader?" I hope so. Is it disgusting to put a book called "Big Bathroom Reader" on your coffee table? What if you had a coffee table in your bathroom? That would be a big bathroom, and it would deserve a reader like this. I think law school is making me lose my mind.

burke said...

it's called "armchair reader" no bathroom connection in the title....but its a bunch of useless facts that just take up time so I don't know where else you'd read it.