Tuesday, June 8, 2010

She and Him...ahh

Last night, as part of the first in the "Downtown Sound" series, She and Him played a free concert in Millennium park. The place was insanely packed due to the general love/obsession everyone has for Zooey Deschanel. They sounded so great, even better than an album and Zooey never even missed a note. Great night, glad we got to snag some seats in the front instead of way back in the grass. 
(last two photos via metromix)
Also just a clip I took with my phone to give you a very small perspective on how amazing she sounds live:
"Change is Hard" She and Him by eburke1285


Tyler said...

daaayum, the city looks incredible

Peter said...

What a night! Lesson learned to get there earlier than early. I think I'll see them again in August @ Loufest in St. Louis, hopefully I can get a little closer ;)

smb said...

jeally. go become friends with her. she's so pretty.