Friday, June 4, 2010

I won!

Remember the ChiPubLib design contest I did a poster for... well last night was the awards ceremony at the top floor of the gorgeous library (seriously if you've never been to the top "Winter Garden", go) and I won! Well me and another guy tied for the win, but still pretty exciting!
My printed poster that will be framed:
Me smiling like a goon next to my poster:
So look for my poster in bus stops and signs around the city soon, also in The Reader next week too! It's been a pretty good week. 


meghan said...

So excited for you-- can't wait to see it in Chi-town for real!

Dean Grey said...

Holy crap, Erin!!!

You said you were going to win this year and you did!

Go you!!

I'm so excited for you! Now everytime I see your poster, I'm going to think to myself, I've seen her blog!


Bryce said...

dammmmmnnnn. congratulations.