Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Guess people really like these city prints...

Top to bottom: Chi, Minneapolis... and Madison WOMP WOMP.
So a while ago I did a chicago print (top), originally for a friend to print poster-size for her brother, and began printing them 8'' x 10'' to give away/sell. Uhh people really like these, surprisingly, and now I'm working on prints of Minneapolis and Madison to go along with Chicago for a friend. He wants all three: hometown, college-town, and uh... "adult"-town (?). Haha

Here they are so far.  My attempt at Madison is looking pretty weak in comparison of the towering cities of Chicago and Minneapolis, but  that's what it looks like...hmm. I'm still working on colors of Minneap. and Madison too. 

Oh and coming soon....SEATTLE!


Tyler said...

haha, that is awesome Erin! sweet.

do Gary, Indiana. they'll be flying off the walls.

meghan said...

Is Chicago the hometown, Minneapolis the college one, and the current town madison? If so,you may want spice up Madison a bit... otherwise it looks like a slow progression towards sadness. ;)

(Hometown: Awesome! College town: ok? New town: small!)

In all seriousness, they all look really good, though.

Sam Spina said...

i kinda like how the cities get smaller and smaller, like your friend grew up in a big place and is slowly trying to get away from that. and come on, you gotta do columbia! you would sell like a million! i mean, at least 10 or so...right?!

Dean Grey said...

Congrats on the prints, EB!

They all look great. But as we all know, Chicago is the BEST city so naturally that one is the nicest.

hee hee hee


Al said...

I LOVE these! Definitely going to save my pennies for a Rochester poster! (Delray doesn't allow buildings to be built more than two storeys tall- makes for a pretty dull skyline).